Sunday, 22 February 2009

"Take me in your arms again, lead me in my dreams again"

I need a holiday. Sunday lates are an absolute nightmare. Why are people with the wrong tickets so argumentative on Sunday evenings?

Adventure in a month or so. It'll either be really fun or just a bit shit.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"You're going nowhere and you're going there fast"

I'm bored. Not short term boredom that's fixed by having a walk up the road to give a letter to the letting agents. And boredom probably isn't even the right word. I'm just sick of getting up, doing an eight hour shift then coming home, watching some telly then going to bed. Work in itself is, for the most part, good (apart from when I'm getting threatened by people then having to give statements to the British Transport Police), but the whole routine nature of my life is getting to me. I can rarely even go to gigs because I'm either working until 2130/2200 or I'm in work at 0500/0530 the next morning.

I had a great spur of the moment trip to Birmingham the other week, but opportunities (and people who want to do last minute visits who live on the West Coast Main Line) are few and far between.

And now I can't sleep. I'm doing two days of 0530 starts (plus a whole week next week, I think) and getting to sleep is impossible. I eventually get into it, but I always start with a couple of nights of three hours sleep, which makes me an utter bastard to deal with. Even moreso than normal.

So I'm left writing self pitying blog posts whilst listening to Yes records.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

"A great many things keep happening..."

"A great many things keep happening. Some of them good, some of them bad."

That seems like a fairly apt quote. I'm having thoughts about the future. By the future I actually mean from the end of September. Given that everything that brought me towards London has gone, will be leaving or was never there in the first place, there's little point in staying there for another year. Sure, it's an exciting place, but if two thirds of my income is going on rent then I can hardly take advantage of much of it. So I move elsewhere? But there are no jobs. So I go back to uni? Perhaps. It's a possibility, certainly. Perhaps I just try applying for lots of jobs in places that seem fun in May time and see what happens. If nothing comes up then I move home and keep trying.

Lots of possibilities. No real direction. Just like before really. Things never change.