Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"Always tell the voter what the voter wants to hear"

So, it's election time again! A moment I've been waiting for for almost three years. I'll get angry with the constant repitition (while still watching News 24 in the desperate hope of something new), I'll grt pissed off with the cameras asking people on the street what they think (what have elections got to do with them?) and I'll mock everything that the Tories say.

I've been in front of BBC News 24 for about ten of the last fourteen hours, and I can't wait for the next thirty days of it. I've got an awful lot of blogs subscribed to through Google Reader, a nice fancy reader program on my iPod Touch (plus access on my phone when I'm away from a wifi connection) plus an awful lot of books to read when I've run out of immediately topical stuff to read.

No doubt within days I'll be sick of it all, but I won't be able to drag myself away from it. I'll still be shouting at the telly for much of the day, and come 6am on May 7th I'll still be hooked, and in desperate need of sleep.