Monday, 27 April 2009

"All the hurt I kept within, I blame myself for everything"

"The European Union has advised that you postpone all non essential travel to the United States and Mexico". Oops.

Maybe it's just because we're watching Fox News, but that's not good. CBS doesn't seem too scared (they're giving out information about Supermarkets that I thought was common knowledge).

The weather earlier was sponsored by Imodium. And they have adverts going into detail about (prescription) incontinence treatments. The British prudish nature is sometimes a bad thing, but before half past eight in the morning I can't help but miss it.

I must sound like all I'm doing is watching telly and reading the paper. Far from it, but that's far more interesting to write about than "we did this, then we did that".

Les Paul tonight. I can't wait.

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