Monday, 28 April 2008

Some fun statistics

I've had someone visit to this rather pointless blog from a search engine! That's made me oddly proud. If you're interested in things like that (which I doubt you are), the search term was "iLiKETRAiNS".

Another thing that I like about the rather fun Google Analytics is that it tells you where in the world visits come from. I've had someone come from Poland, which I'm pleased with. And one from Norway, thanks to James! But my Polish visitor is (I believe) a proper person to come across my blog. I've had two from the same place in Canada. I'm not quite sure who that is. I'd say it might be my friend Rosie who is in Canada, Google analytics says that it's in a completely different part of Canada. Two from the US (one from Ohio and one from Rhode Island). A couple from Germany (Hello Dana!).

Then there are a load of odd suburban places in the UK where ISPs clearly have their local datacentres. As far as I can tell, my ISP (Be Unlimited) have a datacentre in Slough since there are a load of visits from there. So either they are me or I have a stalker there.

You know, I've just realised that is perhaps the most dull two hundred words I have ever written. But it did delay going to the library for twenty minutes, which can only be a good thing. Please don't judge me based on this entry.

Music: Killer by Adamski featuring Seal.

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