Monday, 28 April 2008

"Turn your thoughts into drawings, at art school you'll go down a storm"

Nothing to do...
Well, lots to do. No motivation to do it. Reason to do it? I don't know. Other than to simply finish university, there's no motivation. Yeah, live in London, go to gigs, have fun. That's motivation. But earn a living? I haven't got a clue how. I don't even have a vague thought. Get some shite office job putting numbers into spreadsheets with the intention of just tiding myself over until I find something better, but probably find myself still there after fifteen years. Probably.

How incredibly mopey. Better or worse than inanely dull?

When I'm old, when I am grey
I'll probably see you
in the place that we arranged.


Olli B said...

In a way, I'm happy that so many people are in the same boat as me and have no idea what they'll be doing after uni. But it's scary that I finish in a number of days less than 30 (I'm refusing to keep an accurate count).

Get out of uni, find job in which I make enough money to support self and significant other. Then worry about what I really want to do.

funkymp said...

it took me about 6 months after i finished uni to have a vague idea of what i wanted to do work wise. i pretty much did a whole 360 from what i wanted to do, to what i do now (its still in I.T mind, but job spec wise couldnt be any more different it tried).