Saturday, 17 May 2008


I must say, National Express are doing good things with the East Coast mainline. Extending the free wifi out to standard class was a good idea.

I should say I'm on the train now. Sadly not a repainted one, but still. The free first class tickets mean that I've been drinking vast amounts of coffee (well, if I'm being offered it then it'd be rude of me to decline!) and taking advantage of the food vouchers that I've got. I wanted a sandwich and the vouchers are for £5 worth (they don't give change), so the woman kept giving me more things to make it up to exactly £5. I've still got a triple chocolate muffin left!

Anyway, I pretty much only made this post to show that picture and abuse the free wifi.

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Amie said...

The big problem with FGW is the lack of wifi. The small ones are that my laptop is huge and only just fits on the fold down rests, but if I put it on a table it fills the whole thing.

BTW if they do Lily O'Briens cookies, like FGW do, get some of those; the double choc chip one. They're amazing.