Monday, 16 June 2008

"Then we meet as satellites that are grounded by the weight of the Earth"

An update to fill up part of the day.

I need to go to Sainsbury's. I have no bread and I'm running out of juice. And I need a walk. And a paper. It's Monday, and hopefully Charlie Brooker will be back. I don't want to check the website because if he's not then my motivation levels might sink below the threshold of actually wanting to go out.

Yesterday was fun. I went to the Imperial War Museum with Charleh (the 30 minute film about crimes against humanity is particularly thought provoking), then we wandered around lots. Then found Green Park (they have deck chairs!) and sat in the shade for a bit before she had to go.

Last week nothing much happened. Monday we went to the Natural History Museum, then watched V For Vendetta and more Coupling at my house.

Stuff that's happening? I'm seeing a couple of TV programme recordings this week in London (Edinburgh And Beyond for Paramount Comedy, I believe. I probably should know, but I just saw Russell Howard's face and clicked on it) which I'm hoping will be fun. Then I'm going to a barbecue on Saturday. Then next week is Radiohead and my barbecue.

I'll no doubt make a post in a couple of days reiterating much of that simply to fill up time, but what can you do? This is probably the most boring thing I've ever written. And that's even taking into account my GCSE geography project.

It's highly annoying that when I have nothing to do my attention span drops massively.

Now I'm going to write a shopping list.


Dunc said...

What day are you seeing Radiohead?

I'm going on the tuesday if my coach ticket ever arrives (grr)

Jack said...

Yeah, Tuesday for me too. My original plan was to do that then go to Glastonbury on the Thursday, but I decided that I couldn't be bothered in the end. But I'm still doing Radiohead.